Perspective to see Available soon

I am defer / start_date a lot. This means that my remaining view is also very crowded with tasks that is weeks into the future.

I want to have an available soon view where I can inspect:

  1. Tasks that are available right now
  2. Tasks that will become available within x days

I have a perspective called Radar that I use for this. Group and sort tasks by Defer Date, includes all Remaining tasks in all Contexts.

That way, I see “Available Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Within the Next Week”, “Within the Next Month”, etc.

It’s pretty useful.




I do the same as @deturbulence and it works well for me. On the Mac I collapse the sections more than a month out to hide those tasks. On iPhone I just stop scrolling when I get there.

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Hey @deturbulence Can you describe how you setup this perspective?

Already there, I guess, @sidazhang

I just tried it:

It is kind of weird because it then ends up having all the available tasks in the very end (after the “within next month”)

Is there a way to have the available tasks come first

@sidazhang I think @ediventurin has you covered, but just in case, here is my perspective:

As to your question about Available being last, no, that can’t be changed, but I would suggest that looking at Available tasks would be a better job for another perspective, wouldn’t it?