Perspective to See Only, yet All, Active Projects?

I haven’t been able to get this one, and would love some help.

  1. I keep all projects organized in folders
  2. Some of the projects are Active, some are On Hold
  3. I want to create a perspective that allows me generate a list of ONLY ACTIVE projects, regardless of where they happen to fall in the folder structure, and then see ONLY those projects.

That is, I want to be able to quickly look at just Active Projects and hide everything else, including the folders they live in. I could easily move them out, but I like all related projects together in folders, yet sometimes I just want to see what is Active and Hide the rest. (Sort of like a “Focus” button, but for all projects that have the Active status, not just one that I click on and tell it to focus.)

Is there a way to do this? Thanks so much!

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Have you tried this?

Thanks, Joe! I tried that, but I still see the folders. I took a step back and realized that OmniFocus already had this perspective: Review. I just wasn’t using it right. I basically only set a review cycle for my active projects and so going to the Review perspective means I only saw those few active projects. That works for me.

I was so used to using Review for “seeing everything” and so I didn’t even think about it being the solution I needed.

Now I wish there were some projects I could turn off review for. I doesn’t seem possible, so I just set the next review for 2050, and that got them off my plate!

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@bodieq I have a perspective that does as you describe without showing folders - make sure grouping is set to “Ungrouped” and sorting is set to “Unsorted”. :)



It doesn’t work for me, folders still show up. Love to know how you got this working. Here is what I see:

Ah, @bodieq are you referring to the sidebar? Folders/structure can’t be made to be hidden there, you’re right. I was referring to the main window display - I hide the sidebar a lot of the time - and “collapse all” to make it a flat project list.


@bodieq I just added a solution to a similar problem. It can, I think, accommodate your request with one change. Here is the link:

At the bottom, just change the “Group by” to something other than folders.