Perspective to show selected contexts within project hierarchy

I wonder how you guys create a perspective showing project hierarchy with actions of one or several contexts (eg @Errands)?

Is it a popular request than I can join, or am I missing something obvious on how such perspectives are already available to create?

Perhaps the terminology is getting in the way of what you want. From the OmniFocus help file:

Project Hierarchy—There are two fundamental types of perspectives: those that rely on the project structure to display your database hierarchically, and those that eschew hierarchy in favor of grouping by other parameters. The grouping and sorting functions in Presentation will govern projects in the former case, and actions in the latter.
Presentation—If you’d like to group or sort projects or actions based on specific criteria, select them here. You can also choose to have the perspective open in a new window when it’s called upon from the Perspectives menu or the perspectives list.

If you only have a couple of contexts available to work from you don’t need the project hierarchy, i.e. action A before action group B before action C. The context view allows you to sort actions by project, so if @Errands task A appears before @Errands task B in your project hierarchy, it would appear first in your context view as well.

One way to test what you need is to select a few contexts in the sidebar and create a new perspective without using the project hierarchy and using the sidebar focus, like so:

Does that create what you want to see?

No, that’s not what I want.

I need to see full hierarchy, both above projects (i.e. hierarchy of folders) and below them them (i.e. hierarchy of sub-items)–but only those actions that match a selected subset of contexts.

@yurkennis I would use the project hierarchy, group and sort as you like, then add the name of the context you want in the “Find text” box.

Granted this will limit you to one context, but it’s a start. In a perfect world, Omni would allow boolean searches to expand search result capability.



Depending on your exact usage patterns, you could put the contexts you don’t want On Hold, and then set the main Projects perspective (or any other) to view Available actions. Tedious to configure for frequent quick situations, like errands, but possibly just right for a writing retreat?

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