Perspective with project hierarchy, but only selected contexts


I’d like to see the project hierarchy in a perspective (to be able to see to which group a task belongs), but also be able to only see tasks for certain contexts. Possible?

Overall I have to say, that I am finding the perspectives complicated and limiting. I know that they are usually cited as a strength of Omnifocus (hail the flexibility), but I have used other task managers before, which allowed much more control over what was shown. Less on how it was shown though, that I have to admit.


Update: Maybe I simply haven’t fully grasped how they work, yet. Any hints on resources on that would be appreciated.

I believe so. I don’t have access to my Mac right now, but click on the eye in the toolbar to edit the perspective, and at the very bottom you should be able to choose the contexts you want.

I agree with you 100%. I find them more complicated than flexible. They leave me wanting more options presented in an interface like iTunes’s smart playlists. Send Omni an email and let them know.

Hello flight16! :-)

You are right, you can choose the contexts at the very bottom, but ONLY if you have a non-project based perspective. If you have a project based one, the controls are grayed out and you can’t add anything. So that’s unfortunately not it :-(

I’ll send them a link to this thread :-)


Ah, you’re right. I’m not sure the specifics of what you need, but I often use the following combination:

  • Don’t use project hierarchy
  • Group by project
  • Sort actions by project
  • Select contexts

It gives me a project hierarchy filtered on contexts.

I don’t have that combination. You mean “don’t use project hierarchy”?

The grouping by project is indeed there, but the action groups and anything below project level is missing.


Yes, I meant don’t use project group.

I’ll try to take a screenshot when I get home today if I have time.

Here’s what works for me to get a project tree filtered by context. It doesn’t use the folder hierarchy, but for my purposes that’s fine.

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Another option, if you have contexts that are unique strings, is to put the context in the search field. This allows you to use the project hierarchy and see tasks in their action groups as well. You can also specify the search text in the perspective options.

@flight16: That’s what I have as well, but what is missing are the groups. I guess I would have to lift everything up a level to make this work. That would be too much hassle though. Thanks! :-)

@teronel: I tested that, but the search field is pretty limited, right? You can only use this technique for one context, correct?

Yes. I missed that you want to do it for multiple contexts. Too bad that focus can’t be used for contexts.