Perspective with tags

Hello, I am having a problem creating the following perspective. I want it to include:

  • 2 tags (priority 1 & 2)
  • Tasks that are available
  • Tasks which are due soon
    I cannot figure out how to add the 3rd criteria. Any assistance would be most welcome.
    Thank you

Is this with OF3? And do you want only actions that meet all of those criteria, or any of them?




Yes, it is with OF3. For your 2nd question… The idea is to see any actions that have either one of the 2 tags or that are due soon, but only those who have made it thru these 2 filters are “available”. I don’t want to see all my available actions!

Thank you for your help.


Example Perspective

This should do the trick:

  • All of the following
    • Availability: Available
    • Status: Due Soon
    • Tagged with any of: Priority 1, Priority 2

Thank you rosemaryjayne, unfortunately this does not work. With your proposal the actions need to have all 3 rules to appear. I am aiming towards “any” but… The closest to where I want to be is with the filters for “Tagged with any” and “available” as it shows me my priorities which are available, but I cannot figure out how to add also those actions which have a Due Soon date (which are available but do not have a priority tag).
I want to have “all” for “Available” and “tagged” plus “any” for the “Due soon” if you see what I mean!

This should do it:
51 AM

Thank you JCSully217, that did it!