Perspective working on macOS, empty on iOS

I’m encountering a strange behaviour syncing a perspective from macOS to iOS. It’s restricted to a folder with two projects, one halted, one active. The associated contexts are nested (think: shopping - shop 1 / shop 2). Now on macOS the relevant items from the active project are shown (e.g. one available and one remaining action). The perspective is empty on iOS.

Settings of the perspective are:

  • no hierarchy
  • actions not grouped, sorted by project
  • using OF-settings for layout
  • filtered by availability (remaining) and contexts (active)
  • focussed on the parent-folder “Shopping”

I already did reset the DB on the iOS device to have it completely resync.

Any hints on how I can get this setup working?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Hendrik,

Sorry about this trouble. I believe that this perspective setup should work. I can’t reproduce this problem here (so far). I wonder if somehow your contexts might think they are not part of the active status? Try viewing all remaining contexts in your perspective, do those items inside of the contexts in question then appear? If so, try resetting the status on each context again and syncing. You might also try moving the context up to the top level and then back into the “Shopping” context again.

What about the focus on your folder in this perspective? If you focus instead on the items inside of the folder, do they show up? If you remove and re-add the focus, does that help anything?

If these troubleshooting steps don’t help, maybe someone else has a few ideas to share. If not, it might be time to reach out to support humans for some more specific suggestions with an email to



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Hello Lanette,

the second step helped: I switched the context status of the contexts in questions from “active” to another one and back again. After syncing, the actions showed up on the iOS device as expected.

Do you know what could have been the issue here? And what steps would you advise to take in order to avoid this problem in future?

Thank you and kind regards,


Hi Hendrik,

I’m glad the steps worked to fix the status! The status mis-match makes me suspect that somehow your status change didn’t correctly make it to the iOS device even though you had synced.

If you can find a way to reproduce the problem, or even if you have some hints on what changes you recently made in the past few synced changes, please let me know so that we can isolate the cause and get this problem fixed.