Perspectives and Focus features both disappeared with update

Since I upgraded from the OF2 for Mac beta to the official release purchased today on the App Store, I have lost all my Perspectives in the Mac interface as well as the option to customize or see details about any Perspectives. The only Perspectives that appear in the sidebar or menu are the default. This isn’t related to Project mode vs Context mode – there isn’t even any way to modify or create Perspectives, though I still have them on my iPhone and iPad and sync does not remove them.

Additionally, the “Focus” feature is missing from both the menu and the toolbar. I have checked everywhere in case it moved and it does not appear as an option when I “Customize Toolbar”.

I am running OmniFocus 2 (v87.2) on a completely updated OS 10.9.3 Mavericks, on an early 2013 MacBook Pro Retina. I deleted all OmniGroup-related files and reinstalled clean and still the same problem. My sync is via OmniSync server.

It’s got me baffled but I have a hunch that there’s a simple solution and am hoping one of you can point it out to me, I can slap my forehead, fix it, and get back to work!



It looks like you have the Standard Edition. You need to get the Pro edition to use custom perspectives and Applescripts. Looking at my “About OmniFocus screen”, I have a purple box on the bottom-right side that says “OmniFocus Pro Upgrade is purchased & installed. Thanks!”

The Standard is great for users who feel comfortable using the default perspectives. For users who like to save custom perspectives, the professional edition is better.

You can get the Standard to Pro upgrade as an in-app purchase if you have the Mac App Store version.

If you have the non-Mac App Store version, you can go to the Omnigroup store and get the upgrade there.

Looking at your “About OmniFocus” Box, it looks like you have the Mac App Store version. My screenshot says 2.0 (v87.3 r209824). Your screenshot just says 2.0 (v87.2). But I could be wrong?

If you bought OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store very recently, you might qualify for a free upgrade to OF 2 Pro.

There is more information here about upgrading:


Yup! That was it!

Unfortunately, I was so excited to upgrade to version 2 that I missed the memo about upgrading on the OmniFocus website rather than the App Store and lost $40. Bummers…

But I am glad the issue has been solved. Thanks!