Perspectives - Can we change views without modifying Perspectives? [Fixed]

I’m curious if there is a way or will be a way to modify the view settings of Perspectives temporarily like we could in OF1 using the View Bar?

In OF2’s default views, we have four simple options of First / Available / Remaining / All. When I go to a Perspective, I can change these settings, but it saves the changes to the Perspective.

I like the Perspective settings I have and sometimes I want to briefly see extra data such as Completed items. However, when I leave that Perspective, I would like it to go back to the settings I originally made.

Not yet, but that’s something we’d like to fix. (The current design proposal is to add a “Save” button to the view options popover; until/unless you press that button, any changes to your view options would be temporary.)


Maybe if you change the settings, the Perspective icon could become a camera icon representing Take Snapshot. If you click it, it’s saved, and if you don’t, it stays as-is.


There is a Applescript to achieve it. Alfred can create a shortcut for it and they work perfectly.

“Cycle Through Task States” in the page

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To be clear, we fixed this before we shipped v2.0: a perspective’s view settings are temporary until you press the Save button in View Options. (You can use Revert to return to a perspective’s saved settings, or just click on it twice in the sidebar.)

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The link is fixed

Why does ‘using’ a Perspective, edit it? Is there a way to just ‘lock’ my Perspectives that I’ve set up?

For example, if I have one of my Perspectives selected — say, my ‘Today’ perspective —if I select an action / task shown in the Perspective to view its details, the ‘Today’ Perspective name becomes italicised and the Perspectives icon (the eye thingy) is no longer filled in.

Now, looking at my list of perspectives in the sidebar, it seems my ‘Today’ perspective has been edited — when all I’ve done is used it. So I can’t tell whether a perspective has been inadvertently edited or just ‘used’. This is not helpful!

Is there any way I can just ‘lock’ my perspectives so these annoying pseudo-edits (i.e. merely clicking on a listed item) do not show up, please? Thanks.

I’m not seeing that - I’ve tried it out with a few perspectives. I select a perspective and tap and action (iPhone) or click on (Mac) and look at the details. Then close it and the prospective is as it was.

Maybe I’ve not understood you properly?