Perspectives - filter out actions with a far due date

Hi all,
I am using the trial version of OF2 having used an Omni Outliner Outline to track my todos to date. I apologise if I am not using the correct OF terminology.

I have set a few projects and several have actions with a due date e.g. Inside my Household project I have an action : Dog’s worming tablet due in 6 weeks time. I would like to create a perspective that shows all the available open actions but ignores all those that have a due date set for greater than a week in the future i.e. only show me actions that could be conducted today there being no point giving the dog his worming tablet until it is due.

While this action could be handled by iCal am I correct in thinking that it is not possible to set a view/perspective to ignore these actions with future dates.

best wishes
Simon K

You need to add a defer (Start) date to these actions. I.e. if you you put a defer date of 10/1/14 and a due date of 10/5/14 to give the dog worm meds it will not show or become available until 10/1/14.

Ah Ha!

Many thanks.

best wishes

Simon K.