Perspectives - Focus specific folder


I am trying to create perspective in OF3 with focus on specific folder. It only shows task or project on top level folder. Task / Projects in folders or projects under top level folders are not showing up.

It works in OF2 or when I downgrade perspectives.

Please can you help


Just out of curiosity, is there a reason you had Any of the following with Due Soon and Flagged, then again with Active tag and Untagged?

Using that perspective, I am also missing tasks. It would be better to have them all under one Any of the following. In yours, they need to be either tagged (with an active tag) or untagged, which is fine, almost every task will fall under those conditions. The Due Soon or Flagged means that the tasks must be either Due Soon or Flagged to show up. I have a considerable number of tasks that are neither flagged or due soon.

So try moving them into one Any of the following blocks and see if that fixes what you are missing.