Perspectives missing "restore" options, "save as"?

In another thread I created a new perspective with a sidebar filter to select only active projects. When selecting that perspective I noticed it expanded all of the folders to show each project. I showed the perspectives but didn’t see an option to restore the expansion, as was available in OF1.

I then collapsed the folders again, went to Perspectives to Save As so I could overwrite the previous perspective with the new layout, but the option wasn’t there.

Note: I’ve reported this as a bug.


+1 and reported as well.

I also mentioned that there is no way to save the actions as expanded. They default to collapsed.

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I too have emailed and posted to ask about this question. The “Save As” perspective thing is pretty big and something I use very regularly to updated perspectives after making changes. Some perspectives get regular changes, it just makes it much quicker to do a save as then open the perspective and update from there to get the changes I need.

So many things I greatly miss from OmniFocus 1 that still haven’t been added after all these years. I still use OmniFocus 1 regularly on both the Mac and iPad. Now both of those are clearly being phased out to allow for new features without giving the ability of old features first. I am extremely excited for reoccurring dates to happen on the 2nd Monday or whatever of the month and need to keep my OS update for other apps so it is not like I can hold on forever to these older versions anyway. I am frankly quite surprised I have made it this long!

Yes indeed!

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