Perspectives not syncing -- Mac to iPhone

I’m not seeing my custom (context-based) perspectives. I’ve read a number of posts about this, but have not seen any info on how to force them to sync, or troubleshoot this. I’ve starred them, unstarred them… can’t think of anything further to try.

Sorry for the trouble! Whether perspectives appear in OmniFocus for iPhone depends in part on what version of the app you’re using. Would you mind posting the version string that appears in Settings, all the way at the bottom?

  • Go all the way back to the Home screen
  • Swipe down to reveal the Secret Bar above the top perspective
  • Tap the Settings button in the center
  • Scroll all the way down

The version string should appear as small gray text beginning with “OmniFocus 2.”

Thanks for your response, but I’ve discovered the source of the problem. I think when I upgraded to the latest version, OF decided I had not upgraded to Pro. And I had never redownloaded my upgrade purchase from inside the app. So I didn’t realize why I had lost that feature until I poked around in Settings.

I also recently re-did all my Perspectives in my Mac, which is why I noticed they weren’t showing up on my phone. Since I really only use Perspectives on my phone when I’m out running errands or making calls from the road, I just hadn’t had occasion to use them lately.

All is working fine now! Thanks again.


I’m glad you were able to figure it out! Thanks also for posting your solution here – I’m sure it’ll help a few other people in the future.

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