Perspectives on iPad Not Showing the Same Data

Is there a reason that if you have a perspective that is sorted by context and there is no context that it just doesn’t show up in OF 1 or 2 on the iPad but that same perspective shows the actions with no perspectives just fine at the bottom of the sort on OmniFocus 1 and 2 on the Mac?

This was troubling to see that actions weren’t even showing up on my mobile device even when I searched in that perspective. Makes it less reliable to trust what you are seeing if they are not the same. I am thankful that both versions on the Mac did show the action items since they had a start or “deferred” date which is how they were grouped and how I know what day I need to work on an action.

As a side note it would also be nice if the data just showed up the same way across devices even between OF2 on Mac and OF2 Universal app.

In short perspectives should show the same info across all devices even if the layout has to be slightly different to make it visible.

That’s odd! I’m not able to repro this issue with actions not appearing that don’t have a context assigned.

If you could take screenshots of what is displayed in your custom perspective on both your Mac and iPad, then also take a screenshot of the View settings for the perspective, and send these to

To take a screenshot on your Mac, hold down the Command+Shift+4. Your cursor will turn into crosshairs you can use to select whatever portion of your display you’d like to capture in a screenshot. After it has been taken, the screenshot should be automatically saved to your desktop.

To take a screenshot on your iPad, tap the top sleep/wake button and the center home on the iPad at the same time. The screen will flash, and an image of your screen will be saved to your device’s Camera Roll, where it can be shared through the same means a typical photo could be.


Thanks for the help valyria.

Okay it took a while but I just figured out the issue, I have a two perspectives that have the same icon but should be identical other than one hides the contexts on the left to give me more room on my laptop. The two perspectives on the iPad for OF1 and 2 don’t have the “No Context” selected in the Context view but have the Context folder selected. So since No Context isn’t selected it doesn’t show actions without contexts. On OF2 for Mac both perspectives look identical and show the no context regardless since you can no longer select the “Context” folder like you can in OF1. As a result OF1 and 2 on the iPad respect the selection in OF1 (which is great) and don’t show the actions with no context. I wonder why the Context folder was removed from OF2, I guess Omni just figured it was easy enough to just have no context selected and that means all of them are selected which is what happens when only the Context folder is selected in a saved perspective for OF1.

Sorry that was a bit confusing to explain, hopefully I explained what happened in clear enough detail.