Perspectives on the web

I wonder how long it might be till perspectives come to the web app?

I know not initially, but I wonder when…?

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From what I read, They are working on it but they layed it out that the web may not have a perspective view. This may have changed from what I have read, but I honestly am not expecting it.

I think the idea was to have Omnifocus on the web not be a full solution, but a gap-filler for those who need to use it on a platform that does not have an application (Windows).

I kind of understand that. But it can be really hard if a PC is your only choice at work and you need to focus in on what you “have” to do.

If you send an email to, that’ll add your vote to the web perspective feature request.

Having custom perspectives is a “pro” feature on Mac and iOS. I’m not sure how we would get “Pro” features on OFW. The ability to create/edit/view custom perspectives is available to “Pro” but not to “Standard” users.

The OFW standalone subscription might be considered a standard only version. But if we subscribe to the cross-platform subscription which offers the “pro” features on Mac and iOS, would that be enough to give us the ability to createi/edit/use custom perspectives on OFW?

But that might require the need to have OFW standard pricing tier.

Another alternative I was thinking of is that there might be a “pro” pricing for users to get “pro” features such as scripting (via Zapier or IFTTT) and custom perspectives.

This is all speculation on my part but perhaps food for thought on future discussions. The initial part was the hardest - getting OFW off the ground. Now that’s done. We’ll have to check out the next Omni Road Map in January to see what lies ahead in 2020.

All good points…

If the Omnifocus database is in the cloud the perspectives should also be there.

Hope they release perspectives sooner rather than later.

Defer is not showing in Forcast perspective which makes it hard to track what is being Deferred.

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