PHP classes for interaction with OF2 Omni Sync Server

Do PHP classes exist for manipulating the data on the Omni Sync Server?

I would like to create/read/update/delete tasks with PHP, e. g. to automatically manipulate tasks when JIRA issues change or when I receive specific mails.

Mail Drop is not an option because I need more than creating inbox tasks.

If such classes do not exist, do you know other options to directly manipulate the Sync server database instead of my OF2 instance on my Mac? Since I use the iPad/iPhone apps very often it is not always useful to rely on a sync performed by the Mac which often is switched off.


On my late 2013 rMBP (10.9.4), OmniPresence fails to automatically open at login. Otherwise it works fine. I’ve tried everything except complete removal and reinstallation. Anyone else seen this and managed a fix?