Place labels below the shape


I would like to quickly draw a workflow for an app using Omnigraffle. I’ve created rectangles in which I’ve imported screenshot of the app. The problem is that the labels of my content inspector result in text in the middle of my screenshots (see attached picture).

Is there a way to place the labels below or above the shapes?

You can use the offsets found in the Text Inspector to move the label around! By default “Use default offsets” is checked. If you uncheck it, you can make change stop the offsets there.

You could also create a separate text object and then group it with the object.

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Hi @interrobang !

Thank you for your fast answer!
I’m just wondering if this is a pro feature because I don’t seem to have it on my version (6.3.1 (v163.3))

OK. I’ve got my answer finally: Yes, this is a pro feature