Placed graphic shape

I am dropping scanned images onto a layer and using them to define the drawing. Some of the graphics overlap but the drawing doesn’t always make it to the edge of the page. As a result, there is a lot of white space and I have to move the scanned image to the front to see it.
There was a post about redefining the shape of a place image and I can do that. Some of the handle reduce the white space around the image. Others resize the graphic which is not good.
How do I (basically) ‘trim’ the image so I don’t have excess white space around it and I can abut another matching graphic?

You want to tap the Mask button in the Image Inspector (on the Object Inspector). Then you can adjust the image and the image mask individually.

Oh! That is so freaking awesome. Thank you. This will greatly simplify my work. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I’m glad! One other thing that isn’t obvious, when you have an image selected, you can use the Shape inspector to change the mask, just by picking a different shape, for example, an oval or a rounded square if you want something different than a rectangle.

That part I had from the a previous blog (I think) showing how to place and image and change the shape. I was doing okay with that until I tried to move a corner and it would stretch or shrink the image. Changing to the mask was the key… and being able to drop other nodes on the shape and alter it further so I can clip around just the part I want to see.
Thank you again.