Planning a trip with OmniFocus/OmniOutliner

Has anyone used OmniFocus and/or OmniOutliner to plan a trip? I’m new to the apps but thought an upcoming 10 trip would be a good project to learn on.

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Yes, Regularly. Holidays, boarding passes, tourist attractions etc.

All the time. I use both programs, and while there’s a lot of overlap, I don’t feel the same way about them:

OmniOutliner: more conceptual, expressive, permanent. I’d customize the fonts and colors, and fill the outline with links and descriptions of things I want to see and do. I’d never delete the document.

OmniFocus: more project and task oriented, utilitarian, ephemeral. I add a project with things that must be done: purchase airline tickets, make hotel reservation, pack suitcase, pack camera gear, pack laptop, pack chargers. I’m not that structured, but you could fine-tune it more, or add another set of tasks for the return trip. If I’m making an OmniOutline for the same project I might add it as a linked attachment to the OmniFocus project for easy reference. Eventually, the project is marked complete, and later on moved to archive, so I wouldn’t expect to see it again after the trip.


I just used OF2 for an international personal trip and used it also for short business trips (1 week or so).
For me at last, it worked for trip preparation but for ”standard” activity (check ins, boarding passes, hotel destinations, etc) I found calendar and event attachments (created with Mac) to be more flexible and readable.
I use mainly parallel task projects with a very clear name, and mail drop/attachments as “subtasks”.
When I start my travel the project is completed and all information, documents etc, are in calendar.

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@silvanoricci I agree with your method. I actually ‘double up’ for safety and carry all tickets/records also in calendar, in addition to OF3. Really important stuff gets printed just in case of unforeseen circumstances.