Please Add a Text-Transform Style Option (Uppercase, Lowercase, Title Case, Sentence Case)

I’m frequently frustrated by the inability in Omni to set a block of text to the style of Uppercase/Lowercase/Title Case/Sentence Case, overriding what has been manually typed. This is particularly problematic when using variables.

For example: I use the names of my canvases as headers on my pages via the <%Canvas%> variable. On page, I want the header to be displayed in all-caps, but I do not want my canvas names typed in all-caps (it makes the Canvases palette too hard to read). Currently, there is no way to make this happen.

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To make sure your request is tracked properly can you please send an email to Anyone else who would like to see this change, please email our support humans to add your support for the suggestion.

To clarify, for non-variable text labels, you can specify the casing when you have the text label selected by using the Transform options in the context menu. If you set a custom name in the sidebar, transforming the case used will not override the custom name set. As you noted above, transform case options do not work with data variables. Another ability that this suggested feature change would enable is allowing the copy/paste of specified case setting as part of the object style.


I’d like to second this. I’m in the exact same boat with variables…