Please allow a visual indicator in iOS as to whether a task has a note?

Could we please have some sort of visual indicator in iOS as to whether a task has a note? I mean–when I’m looking at a bunch of tasks at once on my screen, it’s extra work to tap through and see whether a task has a note.

Sent also to Support, but wondering if others would appreciate this, too.


To me, the question is more like ”Are there really any users of notes who don’t think that this an important idea?” A visual indicator, or note icon, like the one in Omnifocus for Mac or Omnioutliner for IOS, would be essential for not losing information. If I only read a task name, I may think that the task is finished and delete it, not aware of a possible note that may change the picture completely. It surprises me that The Omni Group hasn’t already put a note icon in the IOS app, just like in the Mac app.


Yes, I’d like this.

Good point. Me too.

Agreed. It may not hurt to have others weigh in here, too, those who are reading it. Looks like the OG will do things like this based on user interest and “votes,” though I have to admit it feels much more like a feature ommission that just ought to be restored, rather than a new feature request proper. Not sure why it wasn’t in early iterations of the iOS app.

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A feature omission, indeed! Votes counts, though, for all changes, as part of the decision making for The Omni Group. But that goes for votes sent by e-mail - they are not always watching the user forums. So please, all of you, send e-mails to

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Another vote for a note indicator icon in iOS. Currently I help myself adding a :: (double colon) to the end of a task title to indicate there’s a note attached. Weird.

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Yeah - double at-signs (@@) was my choice, and I keep forgetting adding them, and thereby missing that my tasks have notes…

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I’m even more creative… sometimes I just write SEE NOTE in the task field.


This is what I do, too.

As far as I remember, there already was the same proposal in the forum.

Yes, it would be very appreciated to have a simple icon or smth indicating a presence of a note

I’d like this too.

Good idea, I would like to see this feature too

Ah, 2.10 gets us a step closer here! I like that there is an indicator for both note and attachment in the edit window. Now if we could just see the visual indicator from Forecast view, Project view, etc., when viewing tasks as lists. Thanks for the addition, though!

And finally, in Omnifocus 2.11 for IOS, the note icon is there! A great start of the Omni year!


Awesome! I hadn’t seen this update yet today. Thanks!

Well done!

But - as you remember, in some very old version a beginning of note was displayed.
I think is will be more informative than a simple indicator…

That must have been before I started to use the IOS versions of Omnifocus, but of course, the beginning of the note - like in OF for Mac or 2Do for IOS - would be the best indicator, and I would be happy to have that. But to me, the crucial thing is that there is any kind of indicator, to make me aware of the existence of a note.