Please Bring Back Independent Dark Mode iOS

I have always run OF in dark mode, but I don’t run the OS in dark mode (nor do I wish to – don’t want everything dark, just some things like OF and Reeder).

It looks like I can’t choose independent dark mode anymore. Argh. Can you please reconsider this restriction? Apologies if I have got this wrong.

(Gosh I hope you’re not going to do this to the MacOS app as well)

PS: I also want light mode for OO but dark for OF – seems like this is prevented now too – they both have to be the same.

PPS: I think Reeder initially did this same thing, but have released an update allowing dark mode to be independent of the OS.


You need to email support to let them know your feelings, they may not read this post.

I got a reply from the support Ninjas saying that they would be bringing back this feature to have a dark OF independent of the iOS setting. Yay.


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