Please display notes and attachments together on iOS as they are on Mac

My # 1 issue with OF IOS is that it does not respect the user’s efforts in making well founded notes with OF MAC and then seeing their notes with images thrown in a Tab Attachments on OF IOS. I am completely lost looking at these jumbled notes with gaps missing their images. The app Evernote does a fine job making sure whatever you create is the same wherever you see it (IOS, MAC, Web). Maybe you should ask someone there.

I will not upgrade OF until this basic, useability issue is finally fixed. It can no longer be shoved under the rug. A note, is a note, is a note! No Attachments, no Attachments Tab!

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You see that is the problem, a note is not a note, especially in Evernote, its a complex html wrapper making it virtually impossible to easily get content out again which is why so many people abandon EN.

Having said that a simple solution is not to use OF as a note repo which it is not and simply add a link to the related Evernote page, in the notes field.

From my perspective EN makes a lousy task manager, OF makes a pretty bad information store. Use apps for their strengths rather than wish they turned into some giant everything behemoth which ultimately satisfies nobody.

I’m happy with EN, I can copy or save elements from a note to move elsewhere. Most of what I stuff into EN is from Web Clippings or Scanned to PDF and then stored there. In EN I have more than 20k notes. All my major research is there. I have used for some projects, editing their notes in either IOS or MAC apps with no issue. Rich Text not an issue.

Now for OF. It is really disconcerting that I am making a great note describing steps using images or the history of something I’m working on with screengrabs placed there. Think of the visual status of this on Monday was this and on Tuesday it was this. Also if I have more specific stuff to link to from EN I do place a note link to it, say for an invoice/bill etc… But again those images, that Rich Text is either punted or related to a Tab Attachments.

I see promise in OF’s organization and scheduling, and changing Context to Tags (BTW I have a ton of tags in EN). I would prefer to mostly do all project planning there in OF with some links of course coming from EN.

I would like both EN and OF to further use some AI to make me work better or more aware of missed trends etc…

OF for IOS must have notes like they show on MAC. I’m sick of waiting for this.

Thanks for your thoughts.

If you haven’t already done so, email a feature request to Omni support - that way it gets onto their request database fr future consideration.

However, I don’t think it’s very likely that you’ll get everything you want here. Notes in OF are not and never have been highly developed

I’ve sent two messages to Ken personally (both unanswered) about this Nick recently. And raised it in multiple communications to company folks over the past two years.

I will continue to bang on this as it is just plain stupid it is not supported on IOS. Context is everything in detailing and reviewing and updating and then doing. Jumbled and reduced notes in OF IOS makes it like using a Jekyll & Hyde product Mac to IOS.

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