Please generalise the iPhone UI


I have been using OF on my computer, on my iPhone and on my iPad. OF is a great tool. All my life is there resting and allowing me to brainstorm every day with a lot of pleasure.

While I like very much this product, I have also a like/hate relation with the iPad version of OF.

The iPad UI sucks. I really hate it. I wonder why nobody complains. To me it is so obvious. And there is not that much to do to transform a «hate relation» to a »like it very much» one. Please upgrade the iPad UI to a UI similar to the iPhone.

Since I have so many thing on OF, the iPad UI is unpleasant to use because I cannot collapse the sub-tasks. Funny enough, the desktop and iPhone version allow to collapse any task and sub-task.

What is it that holds OF from offering the same basic «collapse» function on all device ? When you have so many items, you search endlessly in your list by scrolling down … and it ends up never finding because scrolling in a long list not productive and efficient. Scrolling is unintuitive and complicated.

I have requested this feature many times now, but always got the same reply: «This is not a feature that we feel important or requested by our customer». I invite you to try scrolling in a long list on your iPad and comparing it with the collapse feature from the desktop and iPhone to see the difference.

And the price of the iPad version is not cheap.

I would wonder how many of you out there agree with me on this feature very high on my wish list ?

What do you think ?

Robert Lespérance
Québec, Canada

As I use numerous custom perspectives, I am able to see whatever tasks I want to see and I filter everything else out.

I too would like to see similar functionality across iOS devices (e.g., placement of buttons).

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t use perspectives. I mostly use OF to organize my ideas by project and sub-tasks in a conventional way. OF then becomes more of a list of lists that alows me to brainstorm inside each project.

Thanks again for helping.

My problem is more of a display problem that only occurs on my iPad because there is no possibility to collapse project and sub-tasks, like on my computer or my iPhone.

Scrolling through a long list on an iPad is difficult. It’s a deal breaker for the iPad version. The case is more obvious when you use it. It creates numerous occasion of error since I cannot be sure how deep I am in the list or sometimes, the list is so long, that I am not even sure I am in the desired sub-task.

Explaining the problem is not easy. Living it is quite simple to understand. This problem is annoying. Most of the time, I don’t even want to use the iPad version.

I really don’t understand why this feature is available on my iPhone (small device), on my computer (very large device) but not available on my iPad (mid-size device). It has it’s great utility on the iPhone and desktop, why should I live without it when using the iPad ?

Hoping some OF ressources are listening and will address this problem I have complained about so many times.

I think you’ll find that for a lot of people your use is not standard. The use of perspectives is an excellent way to trim down you list of actions available to you, and I would guess that a poll in this forum would show over 75% of people also use perspectives.

I don’t think I’d ever want or need to collapse projects and sub tasks, and the disclosure triangles would clutter the view for no benefit (for me)

Your mileage may vary, and I discount your experience, but this sounds like something other task management apps do embrace, OF historically is not about seeing all of your projects, but about seeing what you can work on now.