Please help me organise and understand projects and action-groups

Please help me understand the concepts of onmnifocus.

In this project

  • The actionable items are just 3:
    • Google best country to live in
    • Book flights
    • Google what’s the best phone company in that country.

a) All actions from group “Rent home” are only actionable after I arrive in the country.
b) All actions from group “Invite friends over” are only actionable after “Rent home” is completed.

How could I organise a) and b) ? I can’t set the project as parallel, because some actions are sequential. I can’t set the project as sequential, because some actions are parallel. Also some actions are only available after another project is completed.

I’m very new to OF and my projects are very simple, I’m sure someone with more experience already ran into those issues.


If this is a real project, I would suggest a slightly different way of thinking. “Move to Europe” is your goal, and the actions within should move you closer to that goal. So, first of all, you need to research and prepare. Then, Setting up your rental home and phone number could be part of another project called “Set Up Life In [Country]”. The party could be its own project, too, with invitations and other preparations necessary.

To set up exactly what you want may be unnecessarily complicated. But one tip would be to remember that in a Sequential project, when a Parallel action group becomes available, all actions within are available. So you could, for a quick fix on this project, create an action group at the top called “Prepare to Move to Europe”, set to parallel, and put in the three items you can do now.

I (and many others) would recommend Dr. Kourosh Dini’s book, “Creating Flow with OmniFocus”, which is fantastic at helping you get a hold on OmniFocus.

I hope this helps. But keep asking if it doesn’t!