Please restore "delete record" with keyboard ability

It’s been a while now, but at some point in the not so distant past the ability to delete OF records by hitting the delete key on the Mac or iPad keyboard was removed.

After decades of muscle memory doing so, I regularly hit delete on unneeded inbox records and nothing happens. I then have to right click the record and chose “Delete”.

Please restore the ability to delete records with the keyboard delete key. It’s much more natural and efficient.

The approach now (v4.0.5) appears to be to use COMMAND-DELETE.

I also can protest the decision to add extra security by requiring a command key on something that was not broken (prone to excessive abuse) in the first place.


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@DrJJWMac Thanks for that info, but I will join you in protesting the change.

A setting for those who want extra security seems natural, so that other users like us could continue with the more convenient one-key command. And an e-mail to The Omni Group is always a good idea, as they’re not regularly following the user group discussions.

True. That’s a good idea and compromise.

I thought Omni support told me to post in the forum for best effect, but that must have been 1Password. It’s hard to keep up with all the software developers’ rules for bug/defect reporting and feature requests. I feel like every one has a different process! 🤣

Just a thought: This isn’t really a bug or defect. And it is entirely possible that OF made this change in response to complaints from other users. For instance, folks who were trying to forward-delete a character.

Besides, it took me all of an hour to re-train myself.

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Support responded to say they do have a request on file to restore this functionality.

If you’d like to be added to the list, I suggest making a request via email to their support system for the same.

Have a pleasant day!

My workaround was to setup a keyboard shortcut in BetterTouchTool that sends ⌘+⌫ when I press ⌫ (backspace/delete)

BTT is a saviour for all these little fix ups that are needed in apps.