[PLUGIN] Today Perspective & Open In Session

I have created an OmniFocus plugin that allows for today’s perspective like the one in Things (which allows you to order things) and allows launching Session through URL Scheme.

Here is the github link:

OmniFocus Today

OmniFocus Today

I created this project because OmniFocus does not have a true today perspective. Note that you have to have an OmniFocus Pro in order to use this plugin because it takes advantage of the custom perspective and automation features that come with the Pro version of OmniFocus.

In creating this plugin, I hope that there would be a perspective where you can:

  1. Show everything that you’ve flagged
  2. Show everything that is due soon
  3. Order everything that is in this perspective

I am also a Session user, so I also included in this library a script to launch a Session using the Session URL Scheme.

Set Up



Everything that you flagged will be placed in the “Today” perspective.

Everything in the “Today” perspective will be numbered, with the following format:

【Task 01】xxxxxxx
【Task 02】xxxxxxx
【Task 03】xxxxxxx
【Task 04】xxxxxxx

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