Pomodoro Integration

I would be interested, but I would rather have some advanced “Forecast” view that focuses on the day and doing for the day. Something that would allow me to intuitively build a punch list that I want to take on for the day and map it to # of pomodoros and reduce my planning fallacy.

Total Time of Selected Actions - Pomodoro.scptd.zip (652.8 KB)

I have also updated to using the Pro version of the app called Session which is fantastic and much better than my old workflow. It allows me to color cordinate my sessions with the App Streaks which I use to accomplish tasks that are “Mandatory” in red, “Very Important” in orange, “Important” in green, and as Stephen Covey calls them “Sharpen the Saw” in purple. These show up on my Mac, iPhone, and Watch and complement OmniFocus a lot. Streaks syncs through iCloud.

I have integrated into Keyboard Maestro adding the total time and action I am working on. That is then added to a calendar in Apple Calendar that is linked to my google calendar and shows adds the total time of the pomodoro (default 25 minutes) and then adds that action to OmniFocus to show what was worked on. I am nearly completed updating all the macros and happy to upload them if anyone is interested in this workflow and has Keyboard Maestro and wants to get the app Session.

The new workflow allows me to see the Pomodoro on my iPhone and with Outlook Complication on my AppleWatch it also shows the start and end of the current pomodoro I am working on if I step away from my computer. Just make sure to have background app refresh enabled for Outlook on your iPhone. I tried and paid for dozens of apps including Fantastical, TinyCal etc. and non of them showed the Large Complication right on the Apple watch.

Interested in your scripts!

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Okay I will plan on posting them when I have completed them. I am just trying to refine and make it as easy as possible for end users to update each macro to their taste and needs.

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