Pomodoro Integration

I’m a long time user of OF. I’ve found OF combined with the Pomodoro Method helps me get quite a bit done. I’m looking for a Pomodoro timer that integrates with OF2. Historically, I’ve used Eggsellent App (http://www.eggscellentapp.com), but OF2 broke the integration and the developer seems to be missing in action.

Most recently, I’ve been using Vitamin-R2, but I dislike the interface and the OF2 integration is only partial.

Ideally, I’d love to have an OF Perspective feed all of its items to the Pomodoro App–but I’d settle for an app that reads flagged items. Anyone aware of such a program?

P.S. This would be a phenomenal feature to build into OF2!



I tried Tomatoes. I like the UI better than Vitamin-R2. Eggsellent looks even better IMO. Unfortunately from what you say (and what I see with Tomatoes), the links between OF <-> Pomodoro in Vitamin-R2 seem as yet unsurpassed by anything else of reason.

Ultimately, from what you show, I think someone would do well to take firm hold of the Eggsellent App and just fix it.

I just use the built-in timer on the iPhone. It doesn’t have multiple timers but it works.

Another free app from the developer of Launch Center Pro and Contact Center is @Timer:

It has multiple timers and has in-app purchases to buy optional icons and sounds.

I don’t really need yet another task manager. It appears that a lot of the pomodoro apps tend to have basic task capabilities. That’s something I don’t really need because I use OmniFocus for that.


Thanks for your reply. I do understand there are separate timers.

What I’m interested in is an app that pulls information from OF2 automatically and populates the timer. For instance, as I’m planning my day I could flag items in OF2 and have them magically appear in my timer.

As far as I can tell, with Eggsellent being broken, there is no app that can do this.

You’re right, eggscellent is hard to replace ;-(…-

@wilsonng’s point actually applies to me- having the timer on something mobile makes a lot of sense, since tasks might not necessarily be solely performed on the Mac, You can have vibrate as a reminder (which makes a lot of sense in a big office) etc etc…

The app I am using there is called “Focus Time” and is Your usual Pomodoro timer on steroids, full with predefined tasks, a Mac companion app and synchronization over dropbox.Check it out here


Wow, I had never heard of Eggscellent until you mentioned it. It’s really great but its a shame OF2 integration is broken. I have tweeted the developer to ask about a fix. If you want it to, please tweet @kinkadius - https://twitter.com/kinkadius

Eggscellent dev responded:

Monocle Society (makers of Eggscellent) also have a support page on GetSatisfaction: https://getsatisfaction.com/monoclesociety

Did they fix it?

Doesn’t work for me. I set it up like the developer says. Doesn’t work. Meh.

Latest tweet from developer on the subject, on Nov 5th: ‘Cracking open the @eggscellentapp codebase to get it better for yosemite and omnifocus 2, let’s get an update out!’

Yeah it doesn’t work

someone came up with the solution. Just have to flag the task. Uninstall then reinstall eggscellent http://wippp.com/blog/pomodoro-technique-and-omnifocus-2/

That not so much of a solution if You ask me- You can’t set the amount of egg timers per task any more, so it’s kinda nice for people diligent enough to break their tasks into 25’- pieces and a big bummer for the rest… I’ve gone mobile for this now and do my pomodoros with an app called flat tomato- it’s visually pleasing, cheap and has a calendar documentation feature for iCal… It’s not integrating with OF, but hey, all the rest is really nice!-)

you can find a updated version at https://github.com/devon/eggscellent/releases, which works with OF2


Works great, just remember to flag your tasks in OF to have it sync with Eggcellent

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Is there a iOS version? I spend my time in the field.

I’ve now been using OmniFocus 2 for a few days, and tried the Eggscellent app today. Works great with OmniFocus 2, and it basically works exactly the way I want it to!

Thank you for the help.

I still use Pomodoro by Ugo Landini which is the best Pomodoro App I have found. Mojave’s latest update broke integration with OmniFocus and calendars.

I have an AppleScript that totals up the number of pomodoros, time and break time with 5 minute breaks (not 20 every 4 pomodoros) if anyone is insterested in it.

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