Pop-up value to change formatting

Is there any way to automate a format change based ion pop-up value?

I have an outline in which one of the columns is a pop-up menu with three different values from which to choose. I would like all the items of Value 1 to have blue font, all the items of Value 2 to be in red, and all the items of Value 3 to be in green. Currently, I have to do this manually. How can I have an item’s formatting change based on a particular pop-up value?

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What you are asking for is conditional formatting. Unfortunately, that is not a feature of OmniOutliner (see this thread). If there is anyone on these boards that is proficient in OmniOutliner’s automation capabilities, perhaps they will either already have or are able to create a solution.

Came here looking for the same thing, realized that the link by @mdawson69 was dead, I believe the right one is Future development

This can be automated. Maybe @draft8 can help. It’s a little beyond my current level of expertise.

  • MS Excel does that quite well,
  • and in [TaskPaper]( https://www.taskpaper.com/ ) you can specify conditional CSS styling which depends on line tags.
  • In OmniOutliner I can see how one might use the omniJS API to write an Update Conditional Formatting button, to be clicked when one remembers, but I don’t think there are any event hooks in the API which would allow for fully-automatic updating of conditional formatting.

(I may, of course, be missing something …)

Ah, perhaps this.

A little busy at the moment, but it might be worth (someone :-) looking at in due course …

@draft8 Yes, Handler, that’s what I was thinking of.

See this 2017 post from Ken Case. Dynamic Named Styles based on text or saved filter?

I don’t have enough expertise to know if Handlers are now fully implemented. I would find this sort of conditional formatting useful. Even an “update” button (i.e. not fully automatic) would be a big step.