Possible new user - do I spend or do I wait?

Hi all
I keep being tempted to move to Omnifocus (currently using Things) and while the price tag is indeed high, I’m tempted. But my worry is I spend on the apps (iOS and Mac) and version 3 comes out in the next few months and require yet another spend. Version 2 has been out a year or two, is 3 imminent or is it a while off?



Omnifocus 1.0 was released January 2008.

Omnifocus 2.0 was released May 2014.

This is a very long upgrade cycle. OF3 will probably be fairly far into the future.

Omnigroup does offer discounted upgrade prices as well.

Yes, the price is high. It has been discussed in earlier threads. You can buy the standard editions and then upgrade to the pro editions later. But it has certainly been worth it.

You might run an OmniFocus free trial just to see if it works well for you. You can grab a download at https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus which is good for 14 days after you launch it the first time.

We want you to feel confident with your decision which is part of why we offer a trial. During the trial period, you can switch between the Pro and Standard versions under the OmniFocus menu to see if you actually need the features offered in Pro. It really depends on how you use OmniFocus which version is better fit.



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