Possible to Expand All on iOS? [touch and hold the New Row button to access]

Is this an option? If so, where?


In OmniOutliner 3 for iOS on either an iPad or iPhone, touch and hold the New Row button in the Edit Bar at the bottom of the screen. Expand All and Collapse All are the top two options that appear in the flyout.

More info on this can be found in the following section of the OmniOutliner 3 User Manual. I hope this helps!

Thanks. I tried to use this feature, but it didn’t seem to do what I thought it was going to do. Do I have to have something selected for it to work? Does it work differently if different levels are selected?


You do not need to have anything selected. It will expand or collapse ever row in the document. What does it seem to be doing for you?

It really doesn’t do that. I have created a screencast showing what happens when I click the buttons. Not sure how to get that to you…

If you don’t have a place to host the video, you can upload it here https://upload.omnigroup.com and direct message me the email you enter.

Ah! You to touch and hold on the + button with a circle around it. The options you’re tapping on are for expanding/collapsing all notes.

Now I’m confused. I actually WANT to expand and collapse all notes. And that doesn’t seem to be happening.

And that is happening in your video after you manually expand the rows. There are only notes on a handful of rows that I can see in your video, such as “Staircase Group” and “Plates”. If you’re expecting “Intro” to expand, that requires using the expand all rows option. The triangle indicates a collapsed parent row. The small rectangle on the left edge that appears on some rows indicate that a note has been added to that row.

Got it! Thanks so much.