Possible to have omnioutliner row as an action item in Omnifocus

I just tried using Omnioutliner (OO) for planning something. Wanted to buy the pro version but stopped short as it does not seem to integrate well with Omnifocus (OF). I did read the existing threads on this topic.

So let me try to describe, what I believe would be useful integration. Omnioutliner document seem to naturally have some to do line items. It would be useful to have these to do line items in OO, show up in a identically named project in OF. Something along the lines below.

  • Start a new project in Omnioutliner
  • Now, designate this project as also a project in Omnifocus. New project created in OF.
  • This would cause all line items that have a @todo tag in this OO document, to become todos in the OF project just created.
  • Then, todos can be managed in Omnifocus. Changes to Omnifocus todo items or if Omnifocus items are completed, be reflected back in OmniOutliner document.
  • If OO document is edited, and @todo line is deleted or edited, then the linked OO todo can be deleted or edit reflected.

This way, planning a project in OO and capturing some tasks and project structure, can allow the tasks to move to OF as linked tasks and not just imported tasks from OO (tasks imported into OF would have no ability to show completed tasks in OO document).

Does this make sense? Or has this (or some version of this) already been accomplished through scripts?

Thank you.

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You can copy and paste an entire OO project into OF3 exactly as a group of actions. Is that what you require?

what I had in mind was for OmniFocus to automatically pick up lines somehow tagged as todos in an OmniOutliner document. could be script driven. and then for the just created OF task to have a link back to OO document with location etc. and if OF task is completed, that gets completed in OO, and if task deleted in OO, then OF task to indicate that said task was deleted in OO.

if I were to copy and paste and retain the entire structure in OF, then I wonder why one should not enter the entire project in OF itself - especially if it is just a text outline with more todos than text.

so for now, I have simply started to write out my small projects in OF itself with some lines being descriptive notes and not really to dos.

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