Possible to make text uppercase/small caps?

Wondering if, with the new font theming, if it’s possible to set the font for some items, like top level projects, to uppercase or small-caps? I have a whole font family that is small-caps (and it looks gorgeous), but it’s not something easily available to everyone. I’d love to be able to make a theme with uppercase or small-caps. Thanks!

Yes! This can look really beautiful and add contrast visually. Open FontBook and grab the PostScript name of the font that you want to use (Info Tab in FontBook). As far as your font choices, you are only limited by what is available and active on your Mac. Keep in mind that not all fonts have all character sets, so check the font languages supported including looking for any special characters you generally use as part of building good habits for a reliable custom style.

When designing a new font collection, I find it helpful to export all of the font collection options because Georgia uses fewer font options than Proxima Nova. You might try different base styles to see which is the best match for the font family you have in mind. We let you mix and match fonts together in whatever way you specify in the file. Sometimes that means you will end up tweaking the layout a bit for to get the right look. Good luck!

More details on editing the keys at https://support.omnigroup.com/omnifocus-custom-styles/

Actually I’m looking for a way to set any font to uppercase or small caps in OmniFocus. Here are examples of how I would do this in CSS:

    font-variant: small-caps;


    text-transform: uppercase;

Is it possible to do this in OmniFocus 2.5?

Font variants are not supported at this time. It is only possible to set the name of the font that you want to use, so for fonts with an all caps or small caps variant in FontBook only. For example, try Bodoni 72 Smallcaps Book font, with PostScript Name “BodoniSvtyTwoSCITCTT-Book” which is a Mac font that actually has a defined Smallcaps style in FontBook.

I can put in a feature request for you to add support for font variants. It would be a useful addition!

Unsupported Speculation
We show the style defined in the font face for the font family that you select based on the PostScript Name (which is how you use bold, italic, light, heavy, and so on), there might be some possibilities for those who know how to customize fonts to use those font variants as the default instead of the variant, but there is not a direct way currently.

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