Possible to pause recurring projects and have all tasks stop repeating?

I have a few recurring projects, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly review, etc. Some are personal and some are work related. When I’m on vacation, I’d like to have the work-related ones pause and stop repeating but that doesn’t seem to happen. Instead I need to manually extend the defer date which is not an issue but it would be nice to be able to just pause/unpause instead.

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There is an OmniJS script that allows you to defer something to a future date.

You can customize the increment date to suit your fancy. I haven’t gotten into OmniJS yet but it should be possibly to customize the script to let you defer specific projects so that would reduce your steps to as few as possible.

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If you paused these, they would still be due on the date they were due, so when you unpaused them, they would likely be overdue. I’m not sure how this would help you as dependent on how you do your repeats, you may end up with many overdue items on repeats ( e.g. on a 2 week holiday you pause a weekly project. When you unpause, the weekly project is due in the 1st week, you then either move the due date on, or complete it which provides you a project in 2 week which is also overdue and needs completing or having the due date moved.

Like @wilsonng I push these things back to when they will next actually be due so they don’t bother me in the interim.

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