Possible to run OF as desktop background?


I was wondering if there was any way to have the OF window exist as the Mac’s desktop so that it persistently stays open and underneath any other applications I have open. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thank you!

It looks like the utility Übersicht (along the lines of Geektools, if you remember them from not too long ago) will allow you to do this.
Here’s the specific widget.
It looks like it displays only flagged actions, but I imagine a widget for “due soon” or some other criteria could be made. I’ve only discovered Übersicht recently so haven’t played around with it and don’t know how hard it is to do these things.

Anyway, might be a start!

Thanks, Scott. Ultimately, I wanted to have the full OF app open. I couldn’t find any way to force the app to be the desktop, but I did add an App Shortcut to the Keyboard System Preference, where I changed the “Hide OmniFocus” menu option to a key combination I would never press. That way, I can’t hide OmniFocus simply by pressing Command-H, as I am in the habit of doing with all my apps. I simply made OF take up the entire window, and it stays that way. Now I only wish OF could detect when I have my external monitor hooked up so that the window size would adjust to the different resolutions automatically.

Ah I think I have a better understanding of what you want. I don’t know if I have any suggestions that will fully solve your problem but I have a few tips. You may already know these things but I figured I’d toss them your way:

  1. You can “pin” any application to a specific desktop so it always opens on that desktop by right-clicking on the dock icon>Options>Assign to This Desktop (Or alternatively “All desktops”, which will mean it follows you around as you move between desktops).
  2. You can option-click the green button (in Yosemite) or regular click (prior to yosemite) to have the omnifocus window fill the entire screen area without going “full screen”. This might be helpful for you since it will quickly allow you to enlarge the window when you switch to a different screen resolution.

So while it looks like there may be no specific solution to your problems, it seems like you have a few things you’ve discovered and a few tips from me that might get you a bit closer!