Possible to View Inbox in Review Perspective?

I love the Review Perspective!!

It is the only perspective that lets you strip away the folders and just see projects. I also love how you can set it to do only active or remaining projects. So great!

The only thing is the inbox. Why is it not there?

I collect everything in the inbox (hence it’s purpose in OmniFocus) but when I go to Review, it’s not there. I can’t find any way to see it. Now I have to do two reviews.

Review 1) Move all inbox items to projects or create them
Review 2) Go to Review Perspective and now again go through all the projects, some which I have already touched in Review 1.

I love how you can now set in 2.10 the inbox to be right there in the projects list. But where I really need it is in the Review perspective. I want to hit Review, see my messy inbox on the top of the list and all the projects beneath it, and go to town in the Review Perspective.

Is this possible to set up?


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I never thought of this before but it makes perfect sense and I can see the benefit.

Email support@omnigroup.com with a link to this post.

It’s very geared towards GTD so that is probably why it is like it is. From what I recall the review is to go through the projects after a certain time (you can define what time and you can do so per project) to check if everything is still up to date (you don’t have to do this every day or every week). The inbox isn’t a project but just a folder to hold all the stuff you have collected. The next step should be to appoint the collected items to a project (or get rid of them) which is why you have to check the inbox a few times a day.

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