Possible with automation?

I’m not asking for someone to do this for me - just asking whether it’s worth me embarking on a missing to teach myself the automation framework by trying to do this myself:

I use tags for my 3 main axes of organisation, each with a preceding ascii character.

=Good Soon

-This Week



I’d love it if there was a way that when I switch one of the tags, OF automatically turns off any other tags in that category, for example if I was changing something from =Good Soon to =Essential, the =Good Soon tag goes away.

I know there’s other ways of achieving this, particularly with the days stuff, but this is how my brain works and if I could coax OF to work with me, I’d be very happy!

Thanks in advance

You would have to manually run an automation each time. PlugIn.Handler is not currently implemented, as far as I know.

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I have used the Toggle Tag plugin by @deaghean to accomplish this (thanks @deaghean for making it) and think it works excellent, recommend to check it out to see if it is helpful for your use case, see https://github.com/deaghean/omnifocus-plugins

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