Possible workflow? Send email link *and* email text to omnifocus

Hello all,

Not by choice, I’m forced to work in Windows at my job. Because of this, I stopped using the very convenient drag and drop feature (and send to omnifocus on mac) for sending emails to omnifocus because it provided little help when I’m on outlook at work.

What I wish, is that there was a way to send both the email link and email text to the omnifocus task. This would allow me to just “click” to open the email on osx/ios, but also do an old fashioned search of the email text in outlook to find the email.

I don’t mind trying to learn how to do this in a workflow myself, but to those of you with more experience, do you think this is even possible?

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I guess there would have to be a few conditions being met:

  • that you use the same email account on both your personal Mac and work PC so that the link would work

  • that the link that your work PC’s email client generates is compatible with the ones read by your Mac email client (i.e. not a proprietary URL for your email client )

What I would do is grab the email link using the email client itself (this might require some research) and paste it in to the body of the email for use in the MailDropped action.


Hi numnum,

you might have a look at the first two bullet points in my post linked below.
It only works if you can access your job-eMails from the iPad running OF, though.

I think you, like me, really need the omnifocus web feature coming later this year… Even if they only add an inbox option this would make my life SOOOO much easier.

Yes, I agree.
Right now I’ve been running an OSX virtual machine with omnifocus on my Windows computer. If I just need to respond to an email then its okay and convenient to click on the hyperlink and have the email open in the mac VM email client.

The annoyance is that often I need to work with the email associated with a task on my Windows/Outlook machine (i.e. if there is a document attached, so when I do an “add to Omnifocus” rather than forward the email, there is no way to find the email on my Outlook.

In general, it would be nice if you could have both a link back to the email AND the text of the email in the task notes. But I don’t know how that would be possible.

Will the web client handle attachments? I don’t think it will, but at least I won’t have to hack my laptop to access omnifocus.

As much as I am not a fan of Evernote could this not be done there?

Send the mail to Evernote (with or without attachments) with a reference link generated to be used in OF.

Workflow may be able to handle the first part, (creating the EN note) Zapier could then listen for new notes in EN (with a certain criteria) and create an inbox task in OF via email with a clickable link.

FWIW i learn to just use the mail drop to send those items for later review at home, i’d prefer to use the mail client to send it to omnifocus, like airmail, but that only works on IOS or Mac, so not sure yet maybe a plugin later for outlook.

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Same situation here. I use spark on my iOS device, I have my office365 account setup and it has share integration with OF which shares a link to the email. Best I’ve managed in my cross platform work world.

I’ve decided on a simple but inelegant solution: drag and drop on my ipad (or equivalent on mac) and then also cut and past the text of the email below.

Makes for slightly easier searching on the Windows computer through outlook and the files are there where I need them.

Also now using teamviewer and running omnifocus on a OSX VM on my windows machines. Still sorting out the bugs, but can now save the attachments I need on Windows throught the VM (and print too!)

Although I should add that I’m finding that email links created on the mac will randomly stop working on ios and vice versa, which can also be a pain…

Hello - I set up an automator workflow - which sits in the services - like Omni clipping - and sends the whole email into your inbox. Edit the email address in the workflow, click on the email in the list in mail and right click - mail-services-> OmniMail, and you just sent your email (with content) to your Omni inbox…

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