Practical size limit for OO document?

I’m using OmniOutliner to outline the questioning/testimony of numerous witnesses for an upcoming court trial. It’s easier for me to do this in one OmniOutliner document as I work on it, as it is quicker to move pieces from one witness to another. Will I run into performance issues, such as sluggishness, if I let this get too big? I will probably attach several files to parts of the outline. I’m preparing this on the Mac version, but may also use the iPad version. Thanks for any insight.

Hey Evan.

There are, but think volumes of text—many books’ worth of text.

If we’re talking actual file attachments (audio, photos)…that’s a bit different. I’ve seen outlines where the customer attached many full-sized movies to the document and it was still fine. (But you might want to disable Autosave if the file is huge and your hard drive isn’t an SSD.)

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Thanks for the reply. Mine will be mostly just photo and PDF attachments. I guess I can see how it goes, and always break it down into individual outlines if it isn’t responding well.

Hi all.

I have a document that is approaching 1 GB (attachments: photos, PDFs, etc.)

Am I about to run into problems? Can I continue? Should I split this document into separate ones?

What if I told you that ideally, I might want to go to 100 GB? 200 GB?

Technically speaking, what’s to prevent this?