Pre-Yosemite OmniWeb Test Builds?

I went looking to see if there happened to be any updates to the test builds for OmniWeb and was surprised that there were a number of recent builds - but only for Yosemite. Due to other software issues, I’m still on Mavericks.

I’m running OmniWeb-6, Revision: 219164, Build version 5B1008, Date: 2014-10-02 19:58:22 -0700.

Any chance that there are any builds after that one that are still Mavericks compatible?

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I too am still running Mavericks because of software compatibility issues with Yosemite, and I would be very thankful if there were a current build for 10.9 if at all possible.

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Same. Keep using 10.9.

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I was silently … then publicly … appalled by the development of the design of Yosemite. For pretending – at and after WWDC – that a domain or URL is equivalent to a title: shame on Apple. And so on; the UI/UX of Yosemite is unacceptable in other ways. So I happily continue to use Mavericks …

… and again I (recently) chose to switch to OmniWeb. (I was a user of the app in its earliest years. I happily paid for its quality of design and other features.)

As I foresee Apple development stagnating for apps for the operating system with the more respectable appearance (that’s Mavericks, not Yosemite), so I look away from Apple, to a company that has a somewhat better history from a design perspective. I look to The Omni Group … and OmniWeb. For Mavericks!

Thanks …

OmniWeb has just always worked well for the way that I use the Internet. I particularly appreciate:

  • the multiple lines of bookmarks available above the browsing window
    (where Safari and Firefox only allow one)
  • the thumbnail tabs - both the visual aspect as well as being able to scroll through them rather than have them fall off the right edge of the screen (Safari and Firefox)
  • the easy ability to make a folder of bookmarks - that you can open everything in that folder into tabs with a doubleclick
  • the multiple workspaces - so I can have multiple tabs open for different purposes and switch between all “like” tabs
  • the ability to set preferences for a specific website instead of just general settings that apply to everything
  • the Summarize text feature
  • and probably just as many more that I’m not thinking of right now

These features are so useful that I’m surprised that other browsers have not incorporated them as standards as well. Despite no longer being “officially” supported and as I encounter issues as the Internet moves on from the release I am using for Mavericks, OmniWeb continues to be my main browser due to these features.

Same here. I don’t want to trade Mavericks for Yosemite, but as far as I can tell, OmniWeb would need a JavaScript update …

OmniWeb 6 r219164 Test is the final release of OmniWeb that will run on an OS X 10.9 Mavericks system, I’m afraid; all of the updates going forward will require at least OS X 10.10 Yosemite. If you don’t already have a copy of that version, you can download it from the provided link.

My understanding (which may be incorrect) is that the system requirement was updated to Yosemite due to some low-level Mavericks issues that OmniWeb was encountering; those bugs were fixed in OS X 10.10, so the minimum system requirements increased.

OmniWeb is a side project for our CEO, so I’m afraid that it doesn’t get updated as often as even he would hope, as he typically only works on it during vacations.

There are reasons (mainly due to certain software) I’m hesitant to upgrade to Yosemite. But, from what I’m hearing, it sounds like El Capitan is going to be another “Snow Leopard” - fewer new features and more stability and workability. I hope to be upgrading to El Capitan as soon as it proves to be stable and get back to fewer issues with the latest versions of OmniWeb.