Preferences not being saved [Often caused by Sandboxing.]

When i start the app the past couple of days, i have to enter my sync credentials and set my preferences each time i quit and start the app. It’s like the app preferences aren’t “sticking” if that makes sense? Anyone else having this issue?

How are you starting OF?

There’s a known issue if you use OSX services (Send to Inbox) and the app isn’t already running

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hmmm - i’m just starting the app by clicking on the app icon in the dock - no services enabled that i’m aware of?

Different issue then. Haven’t seen this

well thanks for the response. I’ve deleted/re-installed the app and i’m still having the same issue - i’ll submit an email ticket, thanks.

In case this helps future forum visitors: the root cause of something like this has most frequently turned out to be the Sandboxing security layer in recent versions of OS X denying the app permission to access the prefs.

In addition to the method @nick mentioned, something as simple as changing the name of your OmniFocus 2 installation can cause the OS to think that the app can’t be trusted. So, if you’re having a problem like this and you’ve renamed the app, try un-doing the custom name and restarting the app to see if the problem goes away. If it doesn’t, email us and we’re happy to investigate.

(There are undoubtedly other ways that this well-intentioned but over-protective Sandbox behavior can be triggered; just throwing this one out here in case it helps someone down the line.)

I’m having a similar issue but only the sync settings aren’t being saved. Other preferences are being saved. I’m just opening the app from the dock. Very annoying.

I’m having the same problem. Fresh install on OSX 10.9.3. Seems like the pwd don’t stick to the keychain?!

Actually, I’m not seeing any preferences being updated. I deleted any old preferences in my ~/Library folder for omnifocus, and I’m not seeing any new preference files being created.

Ok, OmniGroup support emailed me a simple fix - rebooting my machine. I’m not sure why that fixed it, but my sync preferences are saving now.

@patrik A solution for the password issue is over here: Sync preferences aren't sticking [A: check keychain for dupes.]

Perfect! That did the trick!