Presentation in OmniGraffle

I’m new to using Presentation in OmniGraffle and want to get folks’ insights on the best approach for my particular use case.

I want to show the entire graphic (see mockup below) first. Then click and zoom in on box 1, box 2, and so on. I thought of copying the objects to different canvases and using actions to jump from canvas to canvas. However, I’d like to avoid having and maintaining multiple object instances on each canvas. It seems very manual, and since my work will be iterative, a lot of wasted time. So I’m hoping there is a better way.

You can use Artboards to do that. When you start the presentation, you can change from one artboard to the next using the left and right arrow keys.

I’ll give it a try, thanks!

Follow-up: It worked perfectly; thanks again!