Presentation View - Disable page advance on click?


Is there any way to disable the functionality where ANY object clicked advances to the next canvas. I’ve begun using OmniGraffle for prototyping (using actions for interaction) and this hinders the usefulness of the presentation mode for this purpose. Any way to disable this feature that I may have missed?



Hi Scott,

This is possible, but requires some work. I create a shared background layer and add a single rectangle of the size of the document. No stroke, filled with a 0% opacity color and with the Action “Runs a Script” with a script that does nothing, for example:

tell application “Finder”
end tell

This rectangle prevents clicks outside of the visible drawing to advance a page.

Every object that you now add to your drawing that should not respond to clicks, needs this Action script too.

I for myself created my own wireframe stencil where all objects have this action already attached and a wireframe template with the described background layer.

Hope, this helps.

That’s a great work around, thank you.