Preserving Completed Tasks in a Perspective until End of Day

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I’m trying to do what seems to be to be like a pretty simple use case, but for the life of me it seems like it doesn’t exist.

I’m a person who likes to SEE the things I’ve accomplished during the day. This helps with my motivation to continue with more tasks. I would have thought a lot of people would feel like this?

I simply want my Completed Tasks to REMAIN in my Perspective until the end of day. Can anyone point me to a way of making this happen?

(Yes, I know there’s a “Completed List”, this is not useful. I want to see the completed items alongside the things I still have to do).

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Would be astounding if there was simply a “End of Day” option here.

I believe the Completed perspective is built-in. Check the Perspectives menu and you’ll find the Completed perspective.

If you have the Pro edition, you can also make a custom perspective with your own personal settings. Here is the perspective settings I see in my own Completed perspective.

I don’t really look at this perspective to give me a sense of satisfaction and motivation. I’m too focused on the next incoming task to visit this perspective. I use this perspective differently than many folks.

At the end of the day, I do a daily review. One of the perspectives I visit is the Completed perspective. I look at my completed tasks to see if I need to create a follow-up task.

You can also create a Complete custom perspective grouped by projects and focused on Work projects or Personal projects to see what you’ve done in a particular project.

Thanks for the reponse @wilsonng, but if you go back over my post you’ll find this hasn’t really addressed the question.

I understand how to look at completed tasks. What I’m trying to do is to preserve them alongside available tasks for today.

To clarify further, I want a perspective that shows me ALL TASKS DUE TODAY. That INCLUDES completed tasks,.

Since you’ve got a bit of experience here, can you tell me if that is possible or not?

The closest I can think of us to set the perspective to show all tasks. But that’s overkill because you wanted only tasks due today but also show completed… Hmmm…

I do believe that the developers will need to get better perspective settings to allow AND/OR equations.

Ok, so it’s not possible.

Am I the only person using OmniFocus that can’t understand why there is no way to filter due date by “Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow”?

This stuff seems pedestrian to me, like really basic stuff no? It would be incredibly useful.

What are the developers like at taking on community feedback?

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Here is something I came up with…

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 11.47.48 AM

You can change the presentation to sort by project or tags. I’m gonna guess that you’ll probably focus on a project or folder to make the list more narrow.

“Any” of the following are true:

  • Status: Due Soon
  • Availability: Completed

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