Prevent Editing

Hi there, Is there a way to prevent editing an OO document —or part of a document?
I am looking for something similar to the “Prevent Editing” action on TextEdit.

Not that I see anywhere and can’t find anything in the on-line help files.

Neither I. Ok, I will send a feature request to the Omni team for their consideration. Thanks!

Are you using OmniOutliner primarily on the Mac? If so, you could use the Finder to lock OmniOutliner files (File > Get Info > Locked). I don’t think Files has an equivalent feature on the iPhone and iPad.


Hey Tim, Definitely that is a nice workaround. I guess is what the TextEdit “Prevent Editing” action is doing under the hood. I do all my OO editing on my mac so this will work nicely for me. Thanks!

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I hope the Locked setting satisfies your need, but note that this is a filesystem flag and does not move with the file if for instance you mail it to someone. (My understanding is that it also does not transfer with iCloud syncing, so if you lock it on one machine and sync it with iCloud to a second machine, it won’t appear as locked there, and if you edit it there, when iCloud syncs it back to the first machine, the Locked flag will be cleared.)

By contrast, TextEdit’s “Prevent Editing” uses a custom setting inside the document which it obeys. You can mail the document to someone and when they open it it will be read-only for them too. (Though they can of course trivially re-enable editing.)

TextEdit’s “prevent editing” setting is not a very common platform pattern, and OmniOutliner does not expose such a setting, sorry.

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I confirmed that the Locked setting doesn’t sync with iCloud. This setting is less than ideal, but better than nothing.

Please submit a support request for such a feature if the Locked flag isn’t ideal. (My earlier comment was not intended to dismiss the possibility; apologies if it came across that way. The forums are primarily intended for community discussion and self-support, and aren’t tracked the way email support requests are.)

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@timstringer I don’t need those documents synced with iCloud. So this works perfectly for me. Thank you!

@andrewabernathy Yes, I already sent the feature request. Maybe somebody else is interested on having this functionality. Cheers!


You’re very welcome, @lgrassini. It’s good to hear the Locked feature in the Finder fits the bill. Hopefully, Apple will enhance this feature at the OS level before too long, including support for syncing and iOS/iPadOS devices.

Would be nice to be able to lock secctions or individual items, too.