Prevent project from showing as a task

I have three clients I work. I’ve created three “Projects” called Company A, B and C under a Project folder called Work.

I’ve created a catch all Perspective to review all the tasks associated with each of those projects regardless of whether they have due dates or anything.

The Project Name (Company A, B or C) shows up as a task that I can mark complete which is what I don’t want.

The desired functionality is that I have a perspective with three project headings and tasks underneath them. In the screen shot I want to list the tasks under the project but I DON’T WANT the Project Names as highlighted by the with the red arrows to show.

Basically, how do I make a perspective without the red arrow tasks showing.

Please help! Thank you. :)

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Adding the “is not a project or group” rule to your custom perspective should do the trick. 😊

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Amazing! Thank you. That worked @kaitlin

For any future viewers of this issue go to “perspectives” in menu bar “show perspectives” and add this rule: image

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