Previewing the whole page in OmniGraffle

I designed a sheet of labels to be printed on standard Avery stock. In OmniGraffle, I can see the working area of 8 x 10 inches, but not exactly where that printable area will show up on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.
Sometimes placement on the final printed sheet is critical, and it took a lot of finagling to get the placement right


  1. what are OmniGraffle’s default margins, OR
  2. how do I see the actual page in OmniGraffle (not just the printable part)


The default margins can vary depending on the template selected, but for the standard Imperial unit templates it is 1/4 inch for the Top, Left, and Right margins and 41/72 inch for the bottom margin. This can be changed, though. You can create your own templates and set your own margins or edit the existing templates with your preferred margins (or lack thereof).

To create a new template, select File > New Resource > New Template. Set up the document exactly the way you want it, then save it to the Templates folder that OmniGraffle has already set up on your Mac. Once saved, your template is available in the Templates section of the Resource Browser.

To edit an existing template, first, open the Resource Browser. Select the template you’d like to modify, and click the Gear icon at the bottom of the browser. Select Open. Make the changes you want, and save. You can also Open Copy if you’d like to keep the existing template as is and just add a variation of it.

Thank you,
I appreciate the help. Having just upgraded to version 6, I think I’ll be able to work with the templates, but I do still have one question: How do I set up OmniGraffle so that I can see the whole page including the margins?