Pricing: subscription vs purchase

First, let me say that I fully support the subscription model for software and the predictable cash flow for developers. But I went looking for OF4 (which I guess is not released yet, I saw the subscription pricing for OM3 and it seems like a big disconnect. I could buy the pro version for $99, or subscribe for $99/yr. Since I’ve been using OM3 for at least three years, the “traditional” is at least 3x less expensive than the subscription.

Assuming this is the pricing structure of OM4, I think the take rate on subscription is going to be pretty low. I’m willing to pay the equivalent of 2yrs. So $99 to buy / 24 = $4/mo or $49/yr.

Just some feedback. Maybe I’m an outlier and everyone else is willing to pay $100/yr.

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I believe the subscription price covers mac, iOS and iPadOS whereas the traditional method would only cover one OS.
If you only use OF on one device, then the traditional would make more sense.

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