Print ArtBoard layout?

I really like ArtBoards (have I stated that enough already!) but have a question. If I am using them to segment my larger graphic, is there a way to show a ‘key’ for where each artboard originates? Something similar to old style road map where it shows where a detail section on the larger map originates. TopoMaps do the same thing, highlighting where they are and the surrounding maps. If nothing else, just showing/printing the ArtBoard object outlines.

I am guessing I will have to create a new layer with identical shapes overlaying the ArtBoard shapes but thought I would ask.

You can apply a stroke to your artboards and then show/hide them. That should do what you want and allow you to see them when you print if they are visible. Try it out, but let us know if it doesn’t solve this problem.

I’m not sure how to do this since ArtBoards, by default, are set as non-printing. Even if I select an object, the Stroke is grey’ed out. So I am thinking I will have to create a duplicate layer, change its type from Artboard to just regular layer, and now I can change the stroke on things.

I tried adding another object and it also has a lot of the properties grey-ed out.

Ahh! You are totally correct that artboards are non-printing! I’d forgotten that part. So, to summarize, my idea didn’t work at all (sorry about that).

What you can do is toggle your Artboard layer to a normal layer (Layer Settings, Uncheck Artboard) temporarily, then print it, then toggle it back. You don’t have to make a different layer. Give that a try and it should work (it worked for me here).


Much better option than creating a copy (that might not be up to date)! Thanks.