Print OO5 document without colors

I must be missing something, because I cannot get OO5 (essentials) to print an outline without the colors.

Having the dark themes is the best for me when editing and viewing them on the screen, but it’s unreadable in print, and a complete waste of toner.

Hmm… I am not staff but just thinking…

  • do you have a theme applied?
  • you can use the Inspector to check for background colors on the rows. Sometimes, it does a gray/white alternating rows to add visual separation

Let me know because I am curious…

Indeed, I use “the dark themes because they are best for me when editing and viewing them on the screen”.

The problem is that OO5 then wants to try to print them using those colors, which does not make sense to me. The UI theme should be separate from the printing theme, or at least should be something that can be toggled as such. Maybe there are people who use one of the dark themes expecting to dust the entirety of each sheet of printed paper with a layer of black toner, but that seems unlikely.

The UI themes should be exactly that: UI themes. Printing should either not use the themes at all, or should be a user-configurable preference as to whether or not such a theme should be printed as-is.

i’ve just checked and in my case there’s an option to deselect ‘other background colours’ in the print dialogue.